Chinese traditional agriculture marriage taboos

Traditional Chinese agricultural society of superstition and strange. But superstition superstition is not afraid of evil forces who marry, are bound to respect tradition, following marriage taboo, Nanjing, Nanjing wedding network offers new reference.


1, bed back to married Eve, to find a teenage boy and sleeps in the bed with the groom, because tradition holds that sleep the empty bed, dead husband and wife also died.


2, the day of the wedding in the evening before bedtime, all of them as far as possible from the new beds, new never run into bed, bad luck.


3, wedding day, avoid sitting in new beds.


4, the wedding day, the bride cannot lie on the bed or the sick in bed.


5, marrying people avoid Zodiac Tiger ceremony.


6, wedding day when aunt, sister-in-law of the bride cannot send.


7, marry the bride when they leave home, cried more and harder the better, because they don't cry.


8, the bride's clothes, avoid pocket, so as not to take away her fortune.


9, three days after getting married, couples bring back home, namely guining. But remember the day required before dark to get back to the husband, and not at home for the night.


10, within four months after the wedding, the bride is not attending any funerals ceremonies so joyous.


11, mirror of the bride avoid lending.


12, married within four months, unless absolutely necessary (such as a honeymoon), the bride avoid Sleepovers.