Finally fully booked before the wedding

&Nbsp;      marriage is a big deal, the first clause is now, Chinese are superstitious, married to specially invited people to watch, I do not know who the other people are watching, I am all for parents.

        day, the booking a hotel, we got married in my hometown, don't worry. But my hotel when it was discovered that, although it is a small place, but the hotel unexpectedly tight than Beijing, MOM and Dad had to book the hotel in a few years, he has set is not good. Fortunately, there is a nice hotel was also unsubscribe, I booked. If not it may be in trouble, because our custom is as long as a day, it cannot be changed, however, are married that day.

        married in Nanjing in March or April, hotel full time, even when there are concessions, if it is in a small place, but be careful, where married people don't have much, but presentable hotel is pathetic.

        booking a hotel is the largest in, my mom and dad are a bit scared, so asking to be a wedding company, just when MOM was in turn found a wedding company of our fellow open said his mother well, let me be his home. He is also more real, said Weddings do not set too early now, mainly is the master of ceremonies, sound, photography, I am totally over two days, only these are decided. Because places are not the same, so the people are not the same, not to recommend.

        up hotels, about to shoot the wedding time, I buy a wedding photo on the Internet in the new year, set April 11 to go, just to catch the last peach. Photographer and makeup artist services are also good, when I photographed the old wink like, the photographer is not impatient. A week after the election, to my dismay, looking at pictures of people, it is me, but how about 20 years older, and a different dress, modeling stereotyped, most terrible is that they had lost nearly half of our photos, I asked them to do, they advised us to picture taking. Photos have been dissatisfied, and not all, my husband and I head for a hot, let them refund. Up to now, it should let them change the make-up artist and photographer, took all the photos again. The result was brain fever my husband and I also look at the online wedding photo Studio now, is very painful. Although everyone says the Studio's level and the Studio makes no difference, studios still want to close. Makeup is not clean, and the other is photography does not cross the border, obviously didn't focus on some photos.

       , there are some small lessons, and share:

        I believes, a perfect of wedding, is each girl of dream, but, dream is better of, reality is cruel of, to held a good of wedding, not only need economic Shang of support, also need groom bride even including both parents pay large of time and efforts, these efforts in the also may including compromise, participation do wedding of people more more, compromise have on more more. Just as I, myself and was pleased with the recent popularity of natural and fresh style, but my parents they felt that the style is refined, not happy at all, so I'll just have to let them, because the wedding in my hometown, for many people and their age-appropriate guest, natural aesthetic standards more in line with their actual conditions.

        and, to be honest, the preparations for the wedding now, I really do have regrets, because most of the girls, expect the moment was just put on a wedding dress. Wedding all the expense and effort, is enough for me to buy several sets of wedding day looks.

        If I choose to get married, and then only with a good, how wonderful life can be.