Five new wedding

&Nbsp;      occupies a leading place in the modern pop. The pursuit of fresh, exciting young, best personality, thinking, personality, lifestyle, and even the wedding to pursue individuality! Didn't want to have my wedding behind popular, that wedding network to refer to Nanjing Nanjing new planning of the five most popular personality wedding!

i. retain romantic candlelit wedding life

        suggested that the wedding is scheduled in the evening, with wavering candle-lighting, you can create a very romantic atmosphere. Bride appearances Shi, full lights weakened, bride in Chase light lamp of follow Xia from barrier Hou out of, slowly to groom; each passing a Zhang relatives are sitting around of Roundtable, Roundtable Shang of candle will will was points bright, slowly even into a article candle path; bride finally to groom, Wedding March sounded, in music in the new Exchange ring, and kiss; points with candle of cake was launched, new blow out wishing of candle, Roundtable Shang of candle also was out, then big lamp bright up, applause, and blessing sound, and laughter also together sounded......

suitable for: focus on feelings, new romantic temperament.

Tips: because there are many regulations and restrictions of using candles, note also that may cause the accident hidden danger.

II. network wedding between virtual and real world counterparts

        as more and more people wandering in the virtual world of the time, some real-life couple moved their wedding online games. Although virtual wedding, gifts, rings no less. A select network, and real weddings held in the couple said they are both fans of online games, virtual currency for the wedding they had received 240,000 yuan, showing a wedding ring on the Internet when brides face is shining: "the Ruby ring is his monster fought to win, about 5 million Yuan worth of virtual money. "Netizens have blessed the couple, many users also use magical power released on the Internet virtual Fireworks to celebrate. Meanwhile, in the real Café, in cheers of netizens, the couple kiss. They said: "the real wedding is seeking legal recognition, recognition network wedding is for my friends. ”

suitable for: worms newcomers.

Tips: be sure to take into account synchronization of the network, and real weddings, best computer expert assistance in logistics.

III. bridge wedding eager to create a marriage

        the romantic and loving the color of wedding design ideas come from a pair were classmates at newcomers. They are going to get married this year, 51, in order not to let the wedding than conventional, two people after parental consent the consent of the parties, decided not to invite any friends and relatives to the wedding, and only invite their college classmates, held a special "Internet dating wedding." The bride and groom invite currently in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xinxiang and other surrounding cities 6 University class of male and female students (requirements: these students have not yet found the right object). In the form of the wedding, the two do not advocate extravagance, should reflect the nature, romance, passion and joy. To that end, they developed a ecological park in the suburbs of Zhengzhou wedding locations. 7 gorgeous here, surrounded by company or new to riding club enjoy horseback stimulation and Yelp, you can feel the pleasure and joy of fishing. Here, what to think, what can not. If there is a male and female students to attend the wedding forged a marriage because of the night, bridge implementation is not the wedding?

suitable for: warm, willing to help others, like unique wedding couple.

insider tips: bridge of spontaneous organization of wedding with the bride and groom. Important is chosen in advance and inform classmates better. Wedding venues selected carefully designed program, calculate related costs.

IV. forever Sacred Heart church wedding

        accompany the Holy wedding, walked on the red carpet, the bride in her best hand his father slowly into the hallowed halls. Father of her daughter's hand in the hand of her lover, music slowly rings ... ... Church wedding to become lifelong Covenant of marriage, you have to let it out to stick to a lifetime of oaths, you must wear the knot wedding rings. When kind, solemn priest says "you may kiss the bride" when surrounded by your family and friends with upbeat music came out of the Church, beautiful bride with flowers and good wishes and throw to the crowd.

suitable for: suitable for Catholic and Christian and advocating church wedding the sacred ceremony of the couple.

Tips: try to avoid the Sunday morning Christian worship time. When the church wedding was held, to learn basic knowledge of religion in advance, so that should not have happened.

v. grass green to witness the wedding of true love

        in the bosom of nature, green grass, flowers and green leaves made of arches circling the main venue, very neat long tables covered with flowers and food. Pearlescent yabai wedding dress, very charming bride dress. Under brilliant sunshine, blue skies as you witness, on a carpet of lawn accept the sincere congratulations of friends. Children in groups on the green grass fun lying in the embrace of green grass and enjoy the breath of nature, cheerful festive atmosphere full of this memorable day.

wedding such as this usually takes the form of buffet. Earth, sky, Sun, grass, flowers, for the romantic wedding blessings, everyone to the beautiful wedding of nature!

for the crowd: young people who love nature, full of energy.

Tips: hold the wedding, the lawn must be vetted in advance, such as pruning, pest control, drugs should be prepared to insect bites.