Generation young couples to article 10 of the Convention

1 improper, fighting with parents, relatives, neighbours, to face in public places.

2, when it comes to gas, are not allowed to smash things, only to eat, really have an itch can only throw pillows.

3, quarrel at home and are not allowed to leave, to go, may not be out of the community, not allowed to not carry a cell phone and shut down.

4, respect each other's parents, fight upset cannot be disrespectful to their parents.

5, the wrong party to apologize, no wrong side on wrong after an apology and compensation to forgive each other as soon as possible.

6, when both sides are at fault to review each other, recognize the error and apologized after the man offered to take her out.

7, regardless of who is right and who is wrong, as long as a fight, man must first be softly lulled her once, she can immediately calm down, otherwise the woman saw the man can't help but blah blah blah her blah, if the consequences are serious, all the men are responsible for.

8, a fight not overnight, man must hold her to sleep at night, woman angry variety of delegating the man cannot give up, must coax the woman fell asleep, dream on!

9, to give each other a massage once a week, because we often fight very hard man craft words can not learn from a blind master is strictly prohibited to Salon woman!

quarrel 10, men are not allowed to hang up, if you want to immediately call back and apologize; a fight if the woman hung up the phone, the man must call within 1 minute the woman. Telephone access to phone, anyway not Sui gas, repeatedly hang and play, but the woman gave the man face, not greater than 3 times per phone number.