How many visitors should arrange

Several visitors, attention should be warm and polite, thoughtful arrangements. Under normal circumstances, then the guests walk in the door, the owner should apologize to the guests, and then to greet new guests, and guests to introduce new customers to come early, and early visitors to new guests, so that they know each other.


        relationship between two groups of guests very well, and the conversation can be made public, the master two groups of guests can be both.   Such as two groups of guests are familiar with each other, each with private business to deal with, is first come, first served in the order reception. But there are exceptions, such as the first guests changlaichangwang and later the guests rare door; or let guests without a stated purpose, and guests have something important to discuss; or first guest is peers, subordinates, and then guests are senior citizens, superiors, and so on. In this case, with the consent of the guest's consent, and later the guests to talk about, but should make a good first guests.  

as two groups of guests mainly visit the different members of the family, you may be more familiar with the guest's family is divided into two reception rooms separately, to avoid interfering with each other.