Korean wedding details four attention

&Nbsp;      Korean wedding, Korea photographers used the four wedding details: staircases, mirrors, Kiss and hug. Seemingly very common wedding element, how to best enhance the sweetness of new degrees? Wedding network in Nanjing will teach you:

1: stairs


stairs are a good thing Wow, either spiral staircase, or a ladder, as long as the proper framing, you can take beautiful photos.


reminder: Han-style wedding is very important in the selection of stair, the proposed selection of elegant or simple atmospheric stairs, the element of choice is best brushed staircase and the wooden stairs, can reflect most interiors the warm feel of the wedding.


2: the mirror


mirror doing props best for bride one row modeling also can create different feelings and atmospheres. Bride and bride seems to be reflected in the mirror of gentle temperament.


reminder: no significant limitations on the choice of the mirror, as long as the mirror design minimalist, too complicated mirror will take some of the focus on the bride's eye, big mirror for vision.


3: the kiss


as saying the wedding Kiss's angle and to grasp.


reminder: like is often the kiss is not a kiss was the most sensible, after all, the Korean wedding beautiful route, not nasty Ho Ho Oh, Kiss, or face is too tight, it will affect the couple's faces in the photo angle.  


4: embrace


most basic relative hugging has become outdated, how to hold a feature, make your wedding unique and requires some creative.


Note: since it is a hug this sweet job, that must not mean your smile, I embrace is a dynamic action, the photographer needs to capture your most beautiful moments, so action should be maintained for some time, keep in mind the rigid etiquette that look like a stranger hugged.