Lenovo's false start in rural areas marriage market

&Nbsp;    Washington (reporter Shao Ming) recently, Lenovo in nanxiong held a "hands on Lenovo edge this life" as the theme of collective wedding ceremony, their marriage and my computer takes this opportunity to launch debut. &Nbsp;

day comes as the 10 years of the new power company, nanxiong, as Lenovo shop latest listing of landmarks, its active in the local market as fully witnessed the hardships of rural informatization process, witnessed the "computer to the countryside" will bring welcome changes.  

    2009 year Association on new and existing rural markets of education, entertainment, rich again subdivided the three categories of users, so as to dig out the couple of this special user group application demand for computer products, and Almighty, marrying computers were designed for married people. In the channel maintenance, Lenovo's new "Canal plan" and combined wedding activities. "1+N+N'" three channels were given a lot of support, including a joint "1" the mass wedding ceremony for landmark Inn, the "n" town boutique wedding photo studio collaboration, as well as the "N'" town-level small bride point of sale activities. Reporters on the scene, as the marriage market caters to needs of Lenovo C305 computer series, attracting people stopped watching and try.  

     Lenovo Group Guangdong partition retail Director Liu Weihan introduced said, C305 appearance festive full, integration styling will host and screen combined, out has various line of bound, is simple fashion; and special design of wedding software, and wedding screensavers, function more for new people using; products built-in "entertainment zone", and "Lenovo 100 points school", and "rich pass information pass", software, Whatever it is is the education of their children in the future demand for technology-rich, C305 can all meet. In addition, C305 one PC is also more rugged, durable, and energy saving, and can help new people a happy life in one step.