Outdoor wedding: five for an outdoor wedding ceremony Pavilion

&Nbsp;       Wedding Pavilion has many types of shapes are different. Four corner pavilions, Rome Pavilion, the Louvre, below brings you five small series suitable for use in outdoor wedding ceremony Pavilion.

beach pavilion wedding ceremony

        Wedding Pavilion, to integrate natural element is appropriate. If the beach wedding ceremony Pavilion layout in favor of catch the elegant snow white woven on wooden shelf, with the ocean breeze blows up. Faint dotted with flowers, a clean and beautiful wedding ceremony has become thoroughly soaked!

dome ceremony Pavilion

         outdoor garden wedding ceremony kiosks, pavilions of the dome as a natural good, full of strong European style. In the layout can be simple or ornate, is going to be a good choice.

wedding ceremony in the Park Pavilion

        If your wedding is held in the Park and resting pavilions in the Park can be arranged as ceremony Pavilion. Adding flowers arch or white drapery fabric, immediately adds to the atmosphere of the wedding!

exotic wedding ceremony booth layout

         exotic is also a popular wedding arrangements. By adding elements of foreign culture, the wedding color!