Perfect shoot photos, thanks

After a day's hard work, GG wedding photos and I finally made good, staff inform us now to their selection of films, and was so excited, haha, my excitement I'm Grand thanks sedan staff for their hard work, I hope and believe that our marriage is the United States to the note verbale drop ~ ~

first of all want to thank the customer service. I looked at a lot of online demos and, after much deliberation, I chose the sedan, sedan is the deerfeisi Manor is set in beautiful, resolute choice sedan. So start with chat, according to the budget, select the recommended a package, later gave me a text message, free to shop and took one set each of men and women, two albums was upgraded to Crystal, is well worth it. I peace good to stores of time, also help I set has photo of time, is's, facts proved, of select is on drops, I and GG to stores of when Shang sedan has out has new of package, also special offers, but due to I with in online on set of sets Department has chat has many, so didn't want to set new of sets Department, later Xia single of in with head communication Hou meet has I of wishes, haha, is I next to thanks of object.


would like to thank the following. Is a thin thin of long of is clean of girl, know I and online set has sets Department zhihou, she and patience of to we compared I wants to set of sets Department and now of sets Department, determine has we on set with set of that sets Department zhihou, on began on sets Department in of specific content, including clothing units, late into disc into book of photos Zhang number, zoom of box, sent of box, album of upgrade and so on, in we of requirements Xia, also sent has we wedding invitations and Yiyi fell in love phase box. Saying the invitations, I really saw was like pink very cute very dreamy, above a photo of the couple, really lovely, production costs are very high, so only send 10, I want to filter exactly what several people do send a carefully. Haha, thanks, and later selected photo does not know if it is or by receiving it, according to yesterday's posture, GG and I expected multiple select many pictures, you look forward to send us some more stuff.


Next, thanks to customer service. Haha, don't say I'm not single-minded, where can I find so hard, in fact things because one day it occurred to Sun Studio and wanted to confirm that the result was reply to me, says no, then asked me the time after the package name and my GG number, call me directly answer. Rattling ~ name often seen in print, through chatting, discovered that he is super nice, and patiently answered my questions, also told me in advance that getting ready for a photo or something, and I promise you, relax when taking photos, the more natural, the better. Haha, thanks there is a reason I'm not a customer, he is as dedicated to communicating with me,


here to continue the Grand praise yesterday for me and GG wedding hard working members.


first appearance is the makeup artist. I and GG to "adopt" almost at the same time and I find out later, is the rest of the Hall on the first floor I and GG MM called upstairs, what a coincidence. Put we received package between, first self introduced, said today I and GG of makeup, and styling, and clothing are by she is responsible for, we has what idea and requirements are despite with she proposed to, facts proved, is a super good of people na, she to we provides reference views, while full respect we of views, in clothing select and overall styling above I are very satisfaction. Like location of long drag is recommended of, I a eye on very like, is I dream of long drag well, is too understand I has, and 5 sets clothing match of styling the has features, each paragraph I are like of very, gave of praise about of hand ~ on has, due to makeup Division Assistant compared less, day down almost is a people (after the beauty makeup Division acts as a has while Assistant, to I lane hair, to GG lane hair, busy has good while, thanks to has, to reduce has some burden) to I makeup do styling, It is very difficult, serious recognition of serious praise. When we were filming also followed, feel free to send me your hair, very nice. Was out location Shi has a makeup Division see busy has day, wants to help she out of, results also is said she himself out, hehe, I at too moved has, if I is words, I will put to guest do of styling as himself of children, himself again busy, also will personally see with himself of children of's, so despite is tired, also is select himself out location. From my point of view, I hope that, after all, has been formed with some tacit understanding. , Love you so much.


here is a person who has to praise, it's photographer. Haha, how it feels every time I take photos, the photographer is the whole Studio the most handsome, last photo, the photographer is often a mirror of male models, photos, my life will not be too good. Tall and handsome, jade tree, full of artists like, look very professional. Also, let us take any idea and requirements ask for, will satisfy us, so I don't want to take and canvas background piano, he agreed, and took us to a large wedding and I like the mood. In took last a he called "pressure axis" of last a Zhang photos zhihou, was thought day of shooting on end has, didn't thought said again added took a let GG back I of, haha, original is I makeup Shi with mentioned of, then with said of, Ah, you said I how can not love you, certainly's, more to thanks, meet I small of wish, thanks's ~


shot of the day is hard, but it's really quite happy. I think the Studio staff are happy and a group of people very hard, on the one hand, they witness every day the happiness on the other, as far as we are concerned, shooting day is very hard, they almost need to work so hard every day to do it again, it's too hard. So I think not only are guests and Studio staff, the intention is to make happy and beautiful wedding, we communicate with mutual understanding, will be able to avoid some minor contradictions. Like today not only took we this pair, also took another pair, took they of when we certainly will, 's, this is normal of, is without angry temper; also has clothing's, may was with you fancy with a paragraph clothing, others wear has you wants to wear of clothing is again normal but of has, also also is a Word,,, or you wear another a clothes took, then again to took this a on good's. So many Chinese, relatively few resources, "such as" can solve a lot of the word "demand", you say?