Wedding day to ex-girlfriend consent

Ms Chu said, received a call from romantic wedding dress shop in the morning, say is the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend to come over to write bills. Ms Chu was angry boyfriend more than sentiment? Ready to rekindle? Eyes stared at his wife to disband, the young man's sister also. According to the boy's sister, Chan said, her brother was May 25, 10 ordered a 3099 wedding the bridal shop, 2599 photos plus 500 deposit before the block. Make money soon, his younger brother and his ex-girlfriend because something broke. Have had no contact since then.


If you choose to not take wedding photos, that 500 security deposit will not be returned. Guys ready to keep the girlfriends or took photos in the dress shop. Didn't think of wedding dress shop a call almost to turn yellow in this marriage!


no proof money can't return photos can't act


wedding dress shop, money can't return photos can't Act, must make his ex-girlfriend to give written evidence only. Reporters then went to a bridal shop, up and down for a long time, the reporter saw a romantic wedding dress shop. Seeing reporters, long busy bridal shop with a hand lens, and said nothing about it. Long hair were represented in the shop, bridal shop other customers was also silly eye. Maybe bad seeing, a sales manager told a reporter to the next. According to the sales manager said, although all the names on the Bill is the man's name, but Ms following signature is signed. Since writing is his ex-girlfriend's name, then refund or good photos, this proved indispensable. Even if there is no written, have to call her supply, both sides agreed to go to a party can, others can't.


said proof to a bridal shop for insurance or not, but should also pay attention to ways and means.