Western wedding groomsmen how and when

&Nbsp;      although the protagonist of the wedding is the bride and groom, but in Western wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen are also very important, perhaps nervous for groom wedding, or are too busy to cope with little things, was the best man to play it!

two things before marriage

1. Bachelor Party


        and bride of married Qian party different of is, farewell single natural can unbridled is, drink big wine, bubble beauty girl, even please dance Niang to a song also OK, move heaven and free, taste by groom to determine, and crazy degree by being groom buddies of with Lang Lai put control, zhiqian heart didn't bile son of things, has has a votes friends emboldened, once finished, Days after the law-abiding with your woman, hand in hand. Such a party is necessary. Only provided with guidelines is to ensure safe and on time the next day at the wedding and groom on good.

2. make sure the groom to the wedding on time Auditorium

Wedding Hall similar to our hotel, but there is one difference, not your budget as you empty a day time, especially the famous Parish Church was needed long in advance to make an appointment, it is in you or your family as a member of the parish more well-known followers of the case. Therefore, each couple salute the people usually only up to an hour of time, taking into account the weddings on the weekends, so other than the bachelor party the day before, best man not only to drink, still have to estimate traffic for the next day to ensure new luggage on time.

wedding four things

1. keep the wedding ring

do you know the previous day, the groom must get drunk, do so in order to avoid the scene busy, keeping work in accordance with established practice and to the best man. As the author had once dropped in the toilet, but back in time, and near misses. It is recommended that in the safe, and get up early the next day to pick up have since been placed in a suit Pocket until the wedding.

2. as a witness

and domestic traditions, witnesses witnessed the couple tie the knot, not a respectable person, such as the new elders, community leaders, or the most common immediate supervisor. This time, basically as a best man can break it, because most of the work has been completed, you can temporarily ease off, silently blessing the couple in a wedding.

    3. speech at the wedding and the bride


this things can ahead of prepared, so most are is scripted, after pastor of solemn declared, after new of sweet blessing, this when need groomsmen regulation about atmosphere, so now of Mr usually can performance himself of humor, can slightly ridicule about groom, like zhiqian how was of a died boy, was today hold have beauty return and so, certainly you in last also is have thanks about and you of cooperation partners-bridesmaid, everyone are not easy.

4. proposed a toast to the bride and groom

a toast. This is the classic sentence, can write it down. You can drink a glass at this time, as only one step away from the final ceremony. While he said a harmonious atmosphere, "come, let us toast! "The only caveat is not saying the wrong name, say your favorite object just fine.

    5. decorated floats

     couple is about to leave, take the car to their honeymoon. Our last thing with ribbons, cans, balloons to decorate the wedding car. This needs to be the best man to prepare in advance is recommended for cans in advance, put it in the trunk, the balloon thing is played too late, can only come on the wedding company or professional clown to complete.

     Western man can call it a bridesmaid or relax with friends to drink, maybe your bride in OH.