Service process

payment:  set 20% of the Yuan down payment in advance, filmed the same day pay the balance. (Cash or credit card)  

traffic ticket:  Studio free shooting vehicle, during the filming of attraction tickets, vehicle bridge crossing and other costs paid by the customer;  

shooting Studio free shoot day lunch   lunch: ;

schedule change:  new for personal reasons needed replacement shooting date of, must ahead of one week and work room contact, change Hou of shooting date by work room according to schedule situation and new consultations determine; one week within temporary requirements change schedule of added received 300 modified Shi costs; if objective not resist of factors (as Typhoon, rain,) effect shooting, both consultations again arrangements shooting schedule


shoot the:  all set to implement a one-to-one shot, photographers, makeup artists, assistants 3 employees full full service couples.  

selection:  selection   5 days after the end of filming;

image courtesy of:  all the photographs of the original film (except for the part of the set), repairs single-chip in the late gift   

Description:  new shoot of friendship day do not bring other persons and all kinds of pets, so as not to affect results; new people can bring their own cameras during the filming tidbits, "Chateau" real Al-Qaida declined the film trailer;


shooting clothing casual life limit in the:  system, whereby non-wedding, Brooke gowns and short mini dress class offer men's, women's units in a package cannot be mutual conversion; the bride and extra clothing, charged by 400 Yuan each;


clothing selection:  a full shooting schedule, proposed new Studio select 1-2 days in advance in accordance with processes's clothing who asked to advance selected clothing, Studio shot does not guarantee the same day in accordance with selected clothing;


int select:  film "summer flowers" when int, can choose to shoot two scenes per costume


Remote:  remote shooting stations and in the field missions, and transportation costs as well as during the shooting of the couple's expenses such as food, housing, vehicles and provided free lunches during filming Studio; if there is additional need members split the costs, studios in advance of special note


   remote workstations and remote mission specific packages can be arranged by the Studio and the other time to Reshoot in Nanjing "Chateau" int (clothing customer retention from the sets of clothing), determined in consultation with the customer from true love photography;


late add:  add additional photos into 35/ 



1) to pay a deposit, schedule an appointment;

2) before shooting 1-2 day selection of clothing;

3) shooting, pay the balance

4) selection: 5 days after the shooting;

5) samples: submit selection within 15 days (6-8 samples);

6) composition: color sample of newcomers to confirm within 30 days;

9) pickup: writing 10 days after they are finalized.