How to choose wedding jewelry

&Nbsp;      wedding jewelry always played a very important role in the wedding. Nanjing bride match can be assured of the gold ornaments. Modern brides traditionally wear skirts hung, or join in the evening traditional red elements, add a festive feeling lucky, gold is the best accessory. &Nbsp;

traditionally, Nanjing bridal dress gown with gold accessories, both parents can give the bride a pair of twin bracelets also give elders rose, meaning blessing the couple greetings, love over gold. Nanjing wedding network to tell some considerations for purchasing jewelry:

buy Dragon bracelet attention

1 , it must be purchased, take the "pairs" meaning;

2, generally divided into mechanisms or hand carved, and hand-made more expensive than mechanism.

3, the traditional bracelets are a dragon and Phoenix design engraved on the surface. Bangles inlaid precious stones, precious note;

many couples big day will receive from the elders of Nanjing gifts of gold, takes its auspicious meaning, and the high value of the gold value and note color, a symbol of affluence and love over gold, in addition to the Dragon and Phoenix Bangle, in recent years, popular gifts gold jewelry instead of the traditional accessories, clothing on weekdays so that the bride can also match.

when purchasing gold note

1 , Nanjing brides should wear on a wedding all relatives and friends sent gold, a sign of respect.

2 , as the value of gold high, should be selected when buying gold of 999.9 gold;

3, pay attention to the manual is fine, whether hidden fixing, at the junction marked color necklace clasp ring, pendants and Mesons on the back inner ring;