Location shooting of the three elements and four-point experience

&Nbsp;       location the couple's favorite photos by the Nanjing. In nature, flutter dress, like mischievous Elves. Into the nature of happiness, with all kinds of blessings for you, landscape for your show. The wind, were filled with the sweet flavor. And exterior photos is to record these beautiful moments. What about shooting on location, you should pay attention to what? Nanjing wedding network will tell you:

         on location wedding shoot typically includes the following three elements, was elected King, is the second character position and composition, three picture is reasonable. Exterior photos of high quality from these three points will be able to see the difference. Therefore, the Nanjing new shooting to be successful wedding, photographers must take seriously these three elements, and constantly honing your shooting skills.

1, select attractions, and scenic

         If you select attractions in 180-degree range to photograph three different view, panoramic and close-range can also be included, so your choice is successful. Exterior of this group of pictures, for example, I choose the attractions can shoot panoramic views of the sea, and can also shoot a close-up, corner shot series of beautiful countryside. This view is the point of shooting a wedding dress is also a shortcut, it is practical.

2, the rationality of screen

         as good as a movie camera, a series of photographs on location wedding must have continuity, to handle well the relationship between dynamic and static. Actions, modal combinations to rationality, rationality is the combination of people and scenery, the composition characteristics; the second is double action combinations of rationality, the men's movement pattern can match with the Lady and looks natural and appropriate. We pursue the highest ideal is to make a set of actions do not see any traces of pose, but, as in a dynamic snapshot.

3, character position, and the photographic composition

         If a photographer lacking experience of station layout, photos taken that he will be very, very simple, is not easy to create with a view of nature. If learning before and after wedding photography stance, cross stance, double and stations and open stance, taken that form and content will be greatly enriched, the resulting change of composition will also greatly increase, photographer shooting schedule confidence can gradually increase. This richness is creating on-location photos pictures of important links.

Nanjing, combined with on-location wedding wedding photography experience on 4 points

        1. on a clear day with a little under the clouds of the sky conditions shooting wedding photos, picture-friendly space.

        2. due to on-location photo colour mainly consists of sky blue and yellow beach, wilderness, so in order to avoid the monotony of white clothing, while adding on-location wedding and novelty of color elements, wedding photography studio in Nanjing has suggested the use of yellow, red, and black and white costumes and color match.

        3. filming ocean view wedding lighting principles: all sea lighting around facial brightness and consistency of surface brightness, both slightly off, will cause two possibilities: first, face bright, sea dark; the second is the face the dark, sea view. The two may be taken when the sea should be avoided.

        4. wedding on the beach, usually running low angle, high angle view, and by people in the picture proportions and spatial perspective principle reflects the characteristics of ocean. There are two special, is a people sunken expression of composition formed by the sea, the second is from person to person between the space of the expression gets a view of the sea. Both of which are commonly used in ocean view wedding photo composition, because people view was reached by the double effect of guests a high degree of acceptance.