New winter wedding notes

1: cold

       'd better bring a coat or jacket and wearing less is not cold inside, snapping at the provisional take off.

shoes is the best choice with high heels, and generally do not expose shoes, but can make the bride look more slender. Boots can also, of course, as long as the shooting and showing no calf is no problem so that the bride can warm.

       wedding photography in Nanjing reminder: If there is a mug on the best, cold drink at any time is the best way to warm up, along with some cold medications can guarantee physical condition after the shooting.


2: dress code

       winter wedding, groom was dressed as usual, but the bride will have to pay more attention to the attention to the upper body, try not to wear high collars fall clothing, the best choice for v neck long sleeves that can be worn instead of fall clothing. More suited to mix and change clothes is also more convenient.

       If the bride choose not a glimpse of leg long dress, and can wear a close-fitting trousers from a sheep, so as to keep out the cold, can slim, and the wedding didn't have much impact. If you choose a wedding dress is a short glimpse of leg down must wear colored stockings with colour, but in the winter it is best not choose this type of wedding dress.

       wedding photography in Nanjing reminder: do not select tops hedge, especially the high collar. Because between wear off easily smudged makeup on his face, thus affecting the model here suggested that you choose Cardigan-style jacket.


3: thermal insulation

       If the above measures are not cold enough, buy some warm baby, but many stars filming winter necessities. After removing a layer of film on the surface of a layer of clothes, stuck close. Note do not stick on the skin, or it will burn the skin.