Newcomer how to select the day of the wedding photography

Newcomer how to select wedding photography for the day, Nanjing wedding network will give you the following seven tips!

1, wedding day, wedding photography

        married life is one of the most important experiences, it will leave a life immortal memory, the memory is smiling warmth, also written oath!

        may have to face real life passion the past inevitably will have a happier life stumbles, then take out celebration disc watch, can effectively eliminate a lot of anonymous complaints, because when I watch the festive married picture, the mood was pulled to the celebration of that moment, will naturally be filled with a hint of sweet tender!

2, the importance of quality of wedding photography

        marriage, after all, this is the most brilliant person once in a lifetime event, and other new people when they have accumulated relevant experience, has moved too close to a total not held because of this results less than satisfactory!

        your life will be this disc because it witnessed your brilliance, your joy and friends for your good wishes!

3, wedding photographer must have professional quality

        a qualified wedding photographer, requires not only the technical skill, good equipment, you also need to have the relevant organizational and coordination skills, because it has a wealth of practical experience, in parallel with the true record of the couple's ceremony, he will be a good Director, he'll Guide recommends people and relatives makes an appropriate related activities.

4, wedding photography

        is the wedding video is dynamic shooting, so suggest that during the shoot, unless the camera shot an episode of the teacher needs new people to stop staring at the camera, this result is not so good. During filming, try to check the recommendations of professional camera, if you have special requirements, it is best to communicate before filming and photography teacher, a list of needed picture phone photography teacher, otherwise camera teacher's lens is new people-centric, seldom go to a lot of other people's images.


5, some advice for relatives and friends of the couple

        normal circumstances, about 1 week before the wedding date and photographer contact, initially agreed the same day both the time and place of the meeting, two days before the wedding date, and camera operator for further confirmation.

        wedding day, family and friends close around new people, try not to act alone, some scenarios require good friends sincere and warm applause to heighten the atmosphere, event to a climax.

6, when the bride, on the recommendation of the bride's family blocking the door

        wedding day, blocking the door link, usually in the corridor, as well as within the present area is not very big houses, cameraman is difficult to capture the wonderful picture, replete with estimated that most of them are relatives and friends of the head of the picture, in this part of the wedding ceremony more than a few minutes of the film, so I propose, in this link, Blocking the door of friends and try not to show off their extraordinary eloquence, because in that case, only pointless wasting couple of valid time!

        the bride's family blocking the door link, is the warm atmosphere of the plot, and it is easy to create awkward fuse with each other! Many well-meaning groom ask for open packages, like smoke and sweet at the same time, (because the site is likely to meet relatives and friends came to congratulate), because they may not understand the groom prepared the specific number, often at this time, the groom not fully prepared, unable to meet the requirements of the bride's friends and family, will make the atmosphere caused a certain degree of indifference.

        at this point, before being married, the home of the bride and groom must communicate more analysis may come to relatives and friends, as well as in the number of General requirements, beyond the agreed to marry the necessary props, grooms best prepared one more copy, themselves! Relatives and friends have to fit.


considerations 7, dinner, wedding ceremony

        at the wedding ceremony when cameraman is basically capture phase, new people always remember, his image appeared on camera at any time, and do not do little, Oh,

        on stage couple, and both parents are steady on your feet, especially in speech, don't like a tumbler, case, camera operator would be awkward, photographed it, affect the image, don't shoot it, in this important ceremony didn't take has not lead to big trouble!