Red envelope 7 knowledge of wedding day

&Nbsp;     We just remember: wedding red envelopes of money according to the individual, economic conditions, family status, local customs and adjust  . Meaning of red envelope is a blessing, not to make it taste good.

       wedding envelopes, Nanjing red envelope show you the wedding day wedding network knowledge:

1. plugging bride's House in red: a red envelope with ten bucks is perfect;

2. in the bride's House in a red envelope: ten bucks is perfect;

3. change fee: given 6666.66 there anyway is a lucky number or 9999.99 8888.88, recommended to certificates of deposit, safe and convenient. There is meaning to 10001 is one thousands of miles.

4. the groom out of the day: the mother-in-law should give 666 6.6 cents, is to smooth the bridal;

5. in the bridal and groom, bride away: the bride's family to the bride 666 6.6 cents, get a good luck in the trusts;

6. to the best man, Maid of Honor: varies, typically 100 to 200, but for 200 more, because an even number.

7. If the vehicle is found, do not forget to give the driver, photography, video master red packets, sugar and tobacco.