Selection of wedding locations you must know 5 skills

&Nbsp;       restaurant and hotel in Nanjing is, how many locations picking my fancy banquet venue? Apart from outside the area and price, the site provides food and services quality and environment and the intervals are new factors to be considered. Nanjing is most of the restaurant and hotel wedding package, apart from the night of the banquet, but also include other ancillary services, Nanjing new can refer to various packages chosen wedding venue that caters to their needs. Nanjing wedding NET taught you about 5 points:

1. Select

        Nanjing newcomers may wish to consider whether the choice of venue near new homes, Office or church, groom and bride, as well as relatives and friends homes. Same time on accessibility, should pay attention to the site, for example, next to the Metro station, bus stop and nearby there are parking places and so on.

2. the price

        choice of catering prices do not and the budget too much, because each table price difference of hundreds of dozens of thousands of different table, you can try to bargain with the hotel owner, remove unneeded items or offers, so that the couple to spend money effectively.

3. the food and quality of service

        If the food and service quality assurance, you can listen to by the already-married friend recommends, or look for familiar hotel, if there was no way only by word of mouth, can also make calls at first once a review its dishes and service levels. Best not to select too small, one more difficult to guarantee quality, and fear that is not before the wine is used to bundle business! Select Group of restaurants or hotels are more secure.

4. the site and layout

        wedding Gatwick can be selected according to personal preference, like for example senior Hao Chinese five-star class hotel. Of course, sea view, fame, auditorium style can be one of the factors taken into account, the new field observations will be more reliable.

        interval, if the new number of seats, for example, more than 50 seats, Hall can accommodate the number of seats must pay attention to venues, avoiding separate floor, the bride and groom walk say hello very inconvenient, but also their style, prefers a large auditorium, the same time to avoid narrow or disperse wedding venue.

5. support services

        slightly scale today most hotels or restaurants with wedding package service including, for example, titles registered wedding cakes, hotel suites, guests, wedding photography, floats, site layout, door gifts, invitations, and so on, depending on the number of gifts the couple set a feast, but to pay attention to this package guests taste, should not look at the package amount of dishes, Ask each 項 the coverage of, such as number of invitations, float hire, site layout, style, and sometimes these changes and take charge.