Studio marketing newcomers how to save money

The wedding to save money, of course, is better value for money, of course, is a lot of time in the wedding couple to consider. Wedding photography in Nanjing to teach you how to save money:

1. don't believe the wedding photo studio staff speak different sets to enjoy the different services claim, in fact, almost, just higher price waiting for you twice the consumption of content and offered more. Newcomers to the VIP area of Nanjing arbitrary selection of cosmetics, dresses. You will find many clothes are worn out, want is to add money.

2. items must be noted. Photographic process, the staff will recommend you use Nail Polish brighten nails add luster, new jewelry, flowers to add a realistic feeling, in fact, no need to. Because after the shoot out need post production, effects are the same.

3. is the most important, and selected. Can only give you 50 sets of copyright, other photos like you can add money to buy it. See, with a 50-Yuan royalty, if there are 100, you'll have to spend 3500. So determined is necessary to delete, don't disturb by Nanjing wedding photo studio personnel, only think good. Make a photo album, is Nanjing Wedding Photo Studio tool to make money. Can be selected and then to Minilab shops do it yourself, can save hundreds of Yuan. And do take into account the actual circumstances because the album, Crystal set, whim, for up to a year to become clutter at the bottom.

no matter where you choose, Nanjing Wedding Photography Studio wants every bride can be made to the satisfaction of the wedding.

following the Nanjing Nanjing wedding photography wedding NET to look at the common market:

1. "wheel war" that is changed from one store to let you order the deposit.

2. the "balance" every Studio is that, before taking payment in full, to sell you packages again.

3. the "make-up" selling products: Anping, nail, BRA, extra clothing, selling make-up artist look.

4. "the Studio" photographers will tell you: your body is good, and so on, give you a lot of beautiful photos, and then tell you, time to bring in some money for the selected photo.

5. the "choose photos" this time will have a professional's selection personnel wait staff include: photographer, 2 stores, colorist, stylist. More than 200 photographs let you choose, your removal rate of less than 30% at this time.

6. "plus make enlargements, plus album" this time salespeople will tell you: what in your home decor? what color is it?! to match with the color of the product to you!

7. "the bride makeup" Fort, nail, overtime fees, clothes cleaning, eyelashes, and so on. Note: "can not be used"

8. "when taking the photos" to let you look at your selected photos, tell you that will soon be deleted, in order to add.

how pleasant is to leave them alone, you're not spending!

1. for the selected photos to, before taking this to learn some simple knowledge of art, fault! make sure you pick, because you spoke about their problems, they will not be pushed.

2. There is to believe in love at first sight, wedding photography is the color of Nanjing, Nanjing now wedding photography to digital, but the advantages and disadvantages of digital photographers color problem! can take the opportunity to say the photos well. Because so many photos are fake!  pick-up time, you pick the color, because there are no pictures of a bridal shop is out, at the time of the wedding season, photo quality may decline a lot, even paper raw materials declined, for example, whether you like the box colors, album quality issue when pick face makeup make-up and so on.

"all in all" was to pick, pick them impossible! good photos will object again.