Wedding photographer must know tips

&Nbsp;      marriage of great significance not only to the couple and their families are very important, now using digital cameras to photograph the wedding of friends is more and more, digital photos, and digital printing is quick and easy, while shooting wedding photos very tired, filming and many happy. However wedding shooting portraits or landscape shot meaning is much more serious, many scenes need to prepare talented enough to capture, Nanjing wedding network to talk about the wedding shoot below the applicable techniques.


1. the equipment ready to  

the wedding is now organized in a way similar, but as photographers we understand the whole wedding process should be clear, morning trip, arranged in the afternoon, in order to be aware of, to lay the Foundation for equipment. Below we'll talk about wedding photography equipment ready to question:  

, digital camera options:

        wedding shoot is very important, if you were principal photographer, so high in the choice of tools to go digital SLR camera is the best option, is to select digital SLR cameras, to configure a standard lens is enough to deal with, Telephoto shot using the wedding time is very low. If there is no digital SLR camera, then select the top consumer-grade digital cameras it is possible to, for example, currently popular 8 million pixel digital camera is also a good choice, pick the best digital cameras do not less than 5 million pixels, or unsuitable printing large size digital photos. If using ordinary consumer-grade 5 million digital camera, it is best to choose manual control function, if has a wide-angle lens would be better, due to the large wedding, digital camera with wide angle function of talent more easily enough to capture the big picture.  

Second, the battery:

        wedding shooting most important of is not can missed important of situation, thus power guarantee is important, if is used nickel hydrogen battery and alkaline battery of digital camera, that on more prepared several sets battery, currently big capacity of nickel hydrogen charging battery abound, compared good of like Olympus, Toshiba, brand of, best to select alkaline battery, due to alkaline battery voltage landed fast, In particular the use of flash photography at the alkaline battery is hard to sustain a longer working time. If you have the battery packs such as the best, and battery pack can provide powerful power support. More information on digital camera batteries, see   powerful camera   battery to purchase the complete guide.


third, other accessories:

        the best digital camera companion can be configured to help shoot shot so I don't have to worry about storage problems, of course, should also be filled with digital camera companion before going out. In addition wedding shot needs a tripod support is mainly fixed positions in time to stop the wedding shoot.  

filmed real  

wedding day, whether it is the groom or the bride's family must be busy, bustling and filled with a happy atmosphere. And this day was the busiest hour of the photographer, must be represented by a man to a woman's House in the morning bride, kicked off by the woman's family, ordinary have the mighty fleet of floats to marry the bride and her wedding hotel, in the middle of a big wedding celebration, continued late into the night every night.  

2. married   float;

i. brief shooting environment  

If it is entrusted to the woman, you will be able to in front of men marrying representative had not arrived, first to help brides photos. Ordinary bride and her classmate or colleague for the maid of honor. These people may bride before they put on white dress will boil hair or makeup for brides, these lenses are also good. Maybe you'll run into a cry against the mother, or the bride shed happy tears, they are objects that cannot be lost. The bride's white dress-for good, if have time also to apply the decorating of the bride's family, such as Windows, mirrors, drapery accessories, bar, calendar, desk lamps, flower pots, or painting ... ... And bride match took a separate bust. Finished alone after photos of the bride, family photo ever can be separated from parents or brothers and sisters. Frame, posture, background, the camera used, it depends on the photographer's vision, as well as at the scene with "opportunity" strains.

       , the bride and groom when there are many processes, such as newcomers out, other parents, and in this process, you must yanjieshoukuai, does not miss a shot. Before, to a man, the photographer must be earlier than the float, if peer is required must be selected first, and upon arrival you need to get off. Limo under the groom's family to the bride when photographers began taking pictures.  

II. techniques guide  

married General floats are morning, new wedding photography be in next year's color, thus exposure must be abundant, remember the wedding shoot, metering spot metering is a good choice, this is the digital camera has metering modes, spot metering can assure you new faces plenty of exposure, outdoor light in good condition can choose to automatically format. If taken behind the front navigation car floats, it should take the form of shutter priority, normal 1/400s or 1/200s would be sufficient.  

3. welcome  

i. brief shooting environment  

        new certainly is first to hotel waiting parties guest, on some important of friends, in welcome bin at, groom and bride will and guest photo of, this time main to snapshot mainly, framing to body as or bust as mainly, hotel inside are has welcome bin Taiwan, guest will this sign, if is some important of guest or guide, new also needs and they first photo Memorial, Newcomers sometimes still should and celebrity photos, increase of festive atmosphere.  


II. techniques guide  

so photographer should first select good shooting of location, first to bride and groom shooting several Zhang photo, selected good best of angle and exposure numerical, this time are fundamental is indoor shooting, can opened Flash stop shooting, but groom of makeup General compared thick, Flash too strong will makes whole picture shiny lost details, so Flash can used negative compensation stop shooting, also should opened red-eye form.  

4. wedding  

i. brief shooting environment  

the wedding ceremony is the climax of the day, ceremony including parade, AOS and the witnesses Mr and worship both parents, exchange rings, couple worship and so on. Wedding ceremony Shang of climax is come, in charge people wit witty of discourse led Xia, whole wedding site of people of mood will was mobilization up, certainly leads also is pair new, they of performance is everyone concern of focus, actually author seems, wedding process in the is emotional of of Exchange, new Zhijian of Exchange, new and parents Zhijian of feelings Exchange, new and site guest of Exchange, photographer of duties is to capture these moving of, and truth reveals of instantly.  


II. techniques guide  

new entry of time, will has friends in on both sides sub spent spray color, this time has two species way, a is not opened Flash stop burst, II is opened Flash single Zhang shooting, burst can once shooting more Zhang photos, thus can guarantee has wonderful photos, but new entry of light General bad, burst of picture will is compared Dim, needs do late disposal, author referral used Flash shooting, such can capture to better of site atmosphere, to clock, Flash without opened red-eye eliminate form , Late red eye phenomenon can dispose of.  


       during the wedding ceremony, it should be noted that the length of separation of Coke. Using wide-angle can achieve more good pictures to bring out the wedding and celebration, on a number of important ceremonies to use wide angle lenses to show, for example, marry, meet the parents. After a telescopic close-up, able to capture the subtle expressions of the object, in particular new impulses of pleasure and mood. Could be achieved by focusing a good close-up effect used Aperture priority to control the booming deep.   


5. toast  

i. brief shooting environment  

toast the bride and groom as a couple, this course is new and both communication and greetings among friends and relatives, preferably all of the scene photographed.  

II. techniques guide  

  's trick is to grasp the situation well, take out pictures was not completely black head, best Flash disabled, due to be made on both sides of the characters black, if the lens of a digital camera can be rotated, to hold the camera to stop filming, this match in good condition.  

summary of  

   wedding photos taken is relatively hard, this photographer has a good professional bodies, are you less pleasant to drink several cups, eat a few bites, but use their digital camera to witness this grand new happy hour really has a sense of accomplishment. Wedding moment fleeting, filming the wedding the most important is to do "in former, play it by ear", so that talents match good enough to control the situation and the environment!