Wedding photos how to look slimmer

1.  hair design:     

        hair design be sure to inquire about good stylist in the area, as specified when talking about the best make-up artists and hairdressers. Depending on your face shape and actual hair stylist for you to create your very own look.   

in General, all brides are suitable for hair elegant generous shapes, first tied her hair on the head, hair hair curls, use natural loose in the head. Face of the bride can use this model to balance the face, reach the effect of thin face. Face fat can leave some bangs covering his forehead and leave some hair on both sides and choose flowers green leaf headdress makes the picture appear more lively vitality. Round face bridal hair prods clip out of the wave pattern, then matched the water, face curled up on either side of the bone part looks smaller, whose face is slender.     

2. clothing choices:    

slightly plump figure of the bride in the garment of choice must be noticed, upper body is plump, the best choice for stiffness of materials, color more stable design. Bride of poor and lower body curves, choose furnishings overlook simple waist and skirt styles, will have good skinny effect. Accessories for matching up, earrings should be selected long, elongated facial lines. Busty bride optional lines of simple design, reduce the degree of exaggeration of the chest line. Butt busty bride wear skirts are loose, emphasizing the low shoulder or no shoulder sleeve design, of sight, as far as possible, to move on. Addition, stomacher or strap compared easy explicit arm fat, especially hanging neck style (that two root strap not in shoulder Shang, but in neck behind even into a root of that), also easy is neck short, selection pulled shoulder Peng skirt type of wedding or bubble bubble sleeve of clothing can cover let arm looks more slender, tie larger of neckline also can let show of clavicle show you charming sexy of side. If you select a stomacher or suspenders, in head and neck ornaments made of articles, select a shorter veil visually fresh and agile, it can play a certain role in disguise and not to cover the wedding of beauty allows stylists cut according to your personal requirements.    

        General,, perfect of received waist and Bon Bon yarn of clever match, can build out Snow Princess like of cute cute; chest line bottom do a Ribbon design is make up figure proportion of focus style one of, simple of design can avoid Asia Women length leg short of defects; styling exaggerated of butterfly knot natural to Department in bride of waist between; received waist design can makes waist explicit thin, High waist line design more can makes leg is long, received waist of high waist line design more is to bride double explicit thin of guarantees; back of bandages design more can fitting women graceful of waist, natural of curve and bride charming of waist show natural of harmony of beauty; taffeta hand caught pleated quite luxury of Palace feel, huge expanded up of skirt pendulum and waist of fitting design formed disparity of compared, let waist more explicit slender, this several wedding style are can for wants to slim of bride reference. Finally, in the area of the rotator cuff, suitable for low collar styles, simplified Visual effects, and too much decoration will add visual effects, resulting in too cumbersome.