Wedding planners must know the 9 point

&Nbsp;     wedding planning is very important part of the wedding, where is Nanjing, people pay more attention, Nanjing wedding network brought you down below 9 basics for a wedding planner should know:

1. the idea of perfect wedding   

        is about to announce to the world your wedding, it is recommended that you and your wedding consultant sit down and seriously discuss the wedding date, time, scope, form and style, and all other things about you couple taste. This wedding consultant will help you fully understand your personality, to complete this belongs only to the two of you together the perfect wedding.

2.  collect guest list  

        most of the guests will be, you know, more people invited, wedding expenses is higher.

        smart way is the first two tips: one is "  must be invited", list a; one is the "  may invite" list b. Invitations sent out earlier, if a list of guests could not come, b-list guest invitations sent out as soon as possible so that they won't feel temporarily was pulled at the last minute to make up.

3. budgetary  

        tell it like it is, is money out of all the wedding, make a practical wedding budget will avoid you at checkout was dumbfounded. Use calculators in the Golden number, first stop and carefully consider all aspects of the importance, and rows of them in order, for example, when choosing a wedding venue, choose a place that is meaningful to you both, is to choose a place to satisfy our guests? Once you know chushime is essential, you will have a clearer on how to allocate funds to consider.

4. prepare a plan book  

        recommends plans book in to included following basic content: Guest directory, wedding overall arrangements, bride of clothing (wedding and dress), and groom of clothing, and men and women bridesmaids of clothing, ceremony and the venue layout, reception, invited letter, menu and beverage, spent, guest of small gift, rental object, music and entertainment, photography and camera, married owners car and followed car, guest owned car park, Timetable for budget/schedule of payments, invoice/receipt. Also, don't forget to book for these content clipping space.

date set for 5.  wedding  

        you want to hug in white snow is about to become your husband a wedding, also is eager for the summer under the stars with dance? No matter which you choose, you'd better choose an alternate date, once the preferred date by accident is not possible, alternate time will make you feel down or depressed. In addition, it is best to avoid the tourist season or major celebrations of the day, you and your guests may want to take a more expensive service.   

6.  selection of wedding venues  

        sky, oceans, Zoo, botanical gardens, you can let go of ideas to the selection of such a wonderful place. But remember, the area must be large enough to hold your guests, and preferably near your home, but also try to find out if wedding day this place is too crowded, or are there any other hidden fees and make sure one of the best places for you.

7.  determine the various roles in the wedding  

        she is your best friend since kindergarten, and you of course will not be mindless to just invite her to go through the motions, drink and leave. But how do others arrangements? Bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, reception, sitting, how many roles in the wedding, are held by who?

buy wedding dress   8. ;

        Browse wedding dress and jewelry photos, and then pick a wedding dress shop, you can take your favorite photos so that staff understand your style clothing styles, help you select the most suitable wedding dress. Now start your health plan make the body more beautiful.

9.  book  

        's top wedding and bridal book is generally three to six months in advance, so once you have selected what you want, make as soon as possible: wedding locations, ceremony, photographers, videographers, floral, cake, rental items.