Wedding the best natural smile

&Nbsp;      wedding when, how to laugh is a problem. Smile grin? Too contrived. Laughing? So no. So what effect is the most beautiful smile out of, people feel the most happy? Nanjing wedding photography studio below to show you a few pointers.

1, snapping at the State to remain calm, don't be nervous, once tense facial muscles stiff and smile will be stiff, so do three deep breaths, eat some chocolate, let yourself relax.

2, when taking pictures, you can think of some more happy about, or even think of some funny jokes, some funny stories or memories, when the bride was able to laugh naturally.

3, wacky is King, when during the filming of wedding photography, bride and groom's interaction is very important, they don't just stand there like a log in person once in a lifetime. Be sure to come, even and photographers out swing POSE, just relax after the photos, to make dynamic.

4, if you really did not laugh, it might as well not to laugh, create the personality of extraordinary cold, wild bride. But not to laugh is not the same as with a straight face, needs a subtle expression on her face, for example, assumed a posture of indifference, but don't stare too hard, or the result will be very scary.