Photography photo 1588

Photography photo 1588 

"Makeup": professional makeup seven groups, the entire VIP level professional photographic and  

             makeup service  

"clothes package": providing costumes for seven sets of  

"shoot number": take not less than 140  

"the book count": intensive 30 photos into the album  

"shooting time": 1 day  

"production": 12-inch fashion magazines Photo Gallery 1 (list of 30 digital design)  

beautifully             24-inch enlargements one      

            24 inch amplified painting luxury box/Crystal/Han Shi pcture on broad prints a picture

            16 inch fine large a   

            16 inch fine oil painting a pair of

             white screen picture

one               7 inch prints;

            3 inch leather Photo 6

             high-definition digital video disc 1, contains 30 intensive photo     

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