Wedding photography package 4699

Wedding photography package 4699 

"Service teams"   private photographer, makeup stylists, lighting Division full service three to one

"shooting time"   elite team shoot day

"shooting"   + luxurious the real downtown location choice of two

"providing costumes"   new clothing-10 sets (men, women, 5 sets of no zoning restrictions)       


"modeling services" wedding makeup 5 group (according to the outline style-designed)

             provide free matching jewelry, mascara, make-up

"shoot number"   negatives taken boutique digital 150 sheets (high-end photography equipment   pixel   more more)

"finishing the book" intensive  50 large list

"product"  18  inch crystal glass

            12 -inch crystal glass

            60X150 CM wedding poster picture

            40  luxury fine oil painting a picture of         


            24-inch Crystal Pack

            18 -inch Crystal Pack

            12 -inch Crystal \ pcture on broad a picture

            10 -inch Crystal \ pcture on broad one  

            07 -inch Crystal \ pcture on broad a picture

             love her stylish combination of a Crystal

             colorful Crystal cube set up a fashion

             all of the intensive shooting film, carved into the CDs gift (the original pixel size)

"drive Exchange" customers will be given out throughout the drive intensive 8 and can be packed